Contributing Articles to the Chimoney Community

Contributing Articles to the Chimoney Community

Are you passionate about sharing your expertise and making a valuable contribution to an active online community? The Chimoney Community Blog is a dynamic platform that welcomes technical articles on a variety of topics such as software development, API documentation, and user guides. In this guide, we'll take you through the process of becoming a contributor and submitting your articles to the Chimoney Community Blog.

Join the Chimoney Community on Discord:

Follow this link to join the Chimoney community on Discord. After you've been added to the community you will be able to access the community project on GitHub where you can find already created article topics that you can work on, submit your articles, track their status, and communicate with the Chimoney Community team.

Choose a Topic that Interests you and Aligns with your Area of Expertise:

Browse through the existing issues on GitHub and select a topic of your interest after which you will create a new issue with your desired topic and tag the relevant team members for approval before you start working on it. Alternatively, you can also work on a new topic of your choice, just make sure you get approval before you start working on it.

Create an Hashnode Account

To start writing your article, you need to create a Hashnode account. If you don't already have one, head over to Hashnode and sign up. The Chimoney Community Blog is hosted on Hashnode, and this is where your article will be published. Once you have created an account, you can begin writing your article on your preferred topic.

Follow the Style Guides of the community

  • Keep your tone professional and informative, yet approachable and friendly

  • Use technical terms and acronyms that are appropriate for the topic and audience.

  • Use an active voice and avoid passive voice and address the reader directly using second-person pronouns, such as "you."

  • Use simple, clear, and direct language to explain complex concepts.

  • The content should be original and not previously published on any other platform.

  • Always credit your sources and don't plagiarize.

  • Articles should be well-researched and provide accurate, up-to-date information.

  • Articles should not include any offensive, discriminatory, or illegal content.

  • Include practical examples, code snippets, or diagrams to illustrate the technical concepts being discussed.

Use the following color codes when creating a banner for your article. (#F0E2F4, #670B78, #000000, #ffffff)

Review and Edit Your Article

After you've finished writing your article, take some time to review and edit it. Make sure it's free of errors, typos, and grammatical mistakes. You can also ask a friend or colleague to review your article and provide feedback or use Hash node's AI Bot - Rix to double-check.

Submit Your Article

Once you're happy with your article, it is time to share it with the Chimoney Community. Firstly, copy the preview link of your article from the top of the page (while still in edit mode). After that, go back to GitHub and paste the article link under the issue you have created, and tag the appropriate team members for a review.

Wait for Review and Publication

After you've submitted your article preview link, the Chimoney Community team will review it to ensure that it meets the quality standards and fits within the scope of the community. They may request revisions or edits before publishing your article on the community blog. You'll be notified of the status of your submission within 2-3 weeks of submitting it.

Engage with the Chimoney Community

Congratulations! Your article has been published on Chimoney Community's Blog and is now available for others to read and learn from. Make sure you engage with the Chimoney Community by responding to comments and questions and by also sharing your article on social media or with your network.

In conclusion, becoming a contributor to the Chimoney Community is a great way to share your expertise, build your brand, and connect with like-minded individuals.

By following these simple steps, you can start contributing high-quality articles to the Chimoney community, that will be read and appreciated by others.